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lotus flame​

spiritual guru

celestial teachings

also online animals/pets healing sanctuary.

spiritual art and design

Warm Celestial Blessings and welcome to​  

lotusflames Spiritual Art and Design.

Hand painted meditation accessories.

Healing arts/therapies, spiritual guru enlightenment/teaching/awakening, articles on many subjects, animal communication and healing, books,

aura mists, workshops and lots more. Lots that will bring enlightenment and stimulating the awakening of the dormant spiritual rainbow warrior inside. Illuminating yourself, mind, body, soul and spirit. Lighting up your spiritual path guiding you through your lifes journey. Helping you to climb the spiritual mountains and enhancing your awareness of each step of advancement.

I am Doreen Emerson Renphrey living on the south coast (Dorset), living in this very special time on Gaia, making good changes on Gaia, doing my missions. Sowing seeds, taking special care of the growth, inspiring others to ignite their spiritual torch to become aware and more enlightened on their spiritual path. Preparation for 2012 ascension and transformational energy changes. Helping planet earth and all the kingdoms in many ways. If we are here on the planet then we have a responsibility to sow good seeds, make a good harvest so that the planet and kingdoms benefit.

Facebook pages.

Celestial Angel Ascension Prayers for Animals and Pets.

Celestial Angel Ascension Meditations.

Celestial Angel Po'etess of Ascension.

Daily Angelic Prayers Temple, for-

The Planet



I also have an online celestial animal healing list (free), for you to send in details of the animal in need of healing to be included on my list.




Diet & Nutrition

Aura mists




Spiritual Teaching

Daily Meditation

Daily spiritual guru inspirations

Daily new conscious affirmation.



*Enchanting Star Inspirations.

*Celestial Angel Stargate.

*Celestial Unicorn Stargate.

*Celestial Dragon Stargate.

*Celestial Crystal Stargate. 

*Celestial Golden Pheonix Stargate.

*Celestial Avatar Goddess

*Celestial Archangels Stargate.

and much more.

Although my aim is to upload some of my pages daily there have been the odd day when due to technical problems I have not been able to. Please accept my apologies in advance for these unavoidable times. Scroll through and choose another meditation or prayer for that day.

This is a cruelty free site, and environmental friendly. None of the substances of the accessories including essence sprays, paints, have been tested on animals, no animal hairs used in the paint brushes. All substances are natural, including the fabrics, and totally vegan and apple fresh.


Also check out another website of mine-angels and everything angelic.

I have 3 pages on facebook

Celestial Angel Po'etess of Ascension.

Celestial Angel Healing and Ascension for Animals and Pets.

Celestial Angel Ascended Meditations 


Welcome to the wonderful world of meditation, spiritual enlightenment, awakening and teaching, good health, focus, advancement on your spiritual path. Reaching up to the higher planes, dimensions, raising your frequencies/vibrations enabling us to progress through the more higher frequencies of celestial energies that here on the Gaia (planet earth) now. Helping us to adjust, transform and integrate to the more higher evolved planetarian/galactian higher dimensional frequencies of the energies. Growing spirit, soul, ethereal, light, celestial, angelic bodies as well as our physical bodies, a more highly evolved anatomy and physiology.

More highly evolved spirit/soul transport (merkaba), which enables us to reach the higher planes.........Now is the time.

Also, now is the time we must help Gaia and all the kingdoms, without Gaia and the kingdoms there will be no human population.

Meditation helps us to be spiritually nourished, more aware, heightens the senses. Lifts us up, lights us up, keeps us healthier, makes us stronger, more resistant to ill health. We become more focused, more decisive, more in control of our lives, more organised in our thoughts, enabling us to deal with our every day stresses. Becoming more aware of our genuine needs, listening to what our bodies are telling us, including about our diets, what we should and should not consume, what we should be doing on our spiritual path. Meditation helps us to become more spiritual, makes us aware, more sensitive to opting for a vegan diet and attitude, caring about the animals, their rights and welfare, and being an environmentalist in all aspects, helping the planet. When one is a vegan/animal rights and an environmentalist then the frequencies of the energies of those is higher and are much lighter, osculation and elevation improves.

With the energy frequencies being raised at this time on the planet, there will be mega changes, some are already happening. Regular meditation will help to raise your own energy frequencies and will help you to adjust and be more balanced as these changes occur. Stabilising the energy field, the emotional and mental bodies.

Enjoy my meditation, spiritual guru celestial enlightenment, celestial products and all that I do in my celestial web space, call back frequently as there will be a continual upload on the pages.

Click on the menu, explore and enjoy your spiritual journey.

Please email or use the contact form for any inquiries.


Also check out another website of mine. It is everything angels and angelic.

A little light on my celestial meditation accessories, these can be viewed on my celestial products page.


All of the accessories are made with divine love and light, spiritually attuned and blessed. Made from 100% cotton, hand painted and each design unique and individually painted. They can be washed at 30c with a gentle washing solution, and pressed on the reverse side of design.

Meditation wraps

Within the range there are a variety of unique designs included in the meditation wraps.

All seeing merkaba ascension star.

Violet/silver flame.

Om symbol with lotuses....enlightenment with inner vision, wisdom, spiritual communication and understanding. Depending on the colour of the lotuses there will be a different focus on the awareness.

The meaning of the colours

Blue lotus is for wisdom.

Pink lotus is for divine love, compassion.

Gold lotus is for spiritual enlightenment.

Silver lotus is for reaching up to the higher realms.

Altar cloths

Altar cloths are very sacred, special, and for you to create your sacred space where you can light a candle, meditate, pray, or sit to relax from the stress of the day, listen to your quiet music and make your quiet time. Extremely good for well being and makes you find time for you. Helps you focus the areas in your life that need attention, and be more clarified on how to resolve different issues that were before just a muddle. Bringing more organisation to your meditation sacred space.

Chakra therapy wraps /body covers

There are many chakras in the body but the major ones are the ones the majority of people work on.

The major 7, then there are the ones just above and below...the soul star and earth star=9 . There are the 14 main chakras which includes the transpersonal chakras. Then there are the hundreds of smaller chakras that are in the body. Energy vortices that are connected to the nadis (channels of vital life force).

I have created the 7 and 9 chakra system meditation wraps or chakra therapy body covers. The artwork of these are lotus chakras as each of the chakras are likened to the lotus with a varying amount of petals. Painted in the colours of the chakras, these are ideal for anyone working on the chakras to either lay on them or to cover the body whilst the chakra work is active. The body covers are also ideal for focussing on particular individual chakras or when chakra balancing therapy is active.

Attunements of the accessories.

Each of the accessories is blessed and either attuned with a quartz crystal singing bowl either with the crown chakra B or with the third eye (brow) chakra A, or with crystal/angelic tuning forks, pythogorean tuning forks, thus making the accessories even more highly celestial/spiritual with the meditation frequencies higher. Your sacred space will be even more sacred/angelic/focused, the energies are pure.

Children sets.

As well as adult accessories I also design and create children sets of angel meditation wraps and altar cloths. Meditating will help to change the day dreaming your child might have, but helping the creative imagination to expand and grow.This will encourage the mind to focus and to remain focused on particular things. Meditation really helps the brain to be active instead of being inactive. Waking up the brain in fact, stimulates the cells and receptors relaying to the other systems in the body. The systems and organs respond, disciplines the thinking process, stimulates the intuitive senses, which stimulates spiritual and physical growth on a higher level.