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lotus flame​

spiritual guru

celestial teachings

also online animals/pets healing sanctuary.

spiritual art and design

About Us

I went into the healing arts and over the years qualified in many alternative healing and treatment therapies and became a professional practitioner, of which I thoroughly enjoy. I also spent years advancing in all my senses including vision, hearing, knowing, communications, skills, tools, abilities, all becoming so much more vivid, more highly evolved and advanced. Doing my missions, making the most of my every minute whilst here on Gaia.

I have designed many healing systems and this has expanded into ascension work, astro metaphysical energy work, planetary/cosmic/galactian/celestial/angelic work and all the kingdoms. My meditations have given me sheer joy and upliftment.........and much more besides.

This is a picture of me, Doreen Renphrey.

I have written books and am in the middle of writing another.

The meditations and therapies have led me into the spiritual art and design side, to hand paint meditation accessories,

wraps, altar cloths/ therapy/healing covers/sheets, aura essence mists. I consider them to be of the utmost benefit to anyones sacred space/advancement and an asset to anyone building their spiritual temple around them. A wonderful energy builder in your sacred space enabling a clearer channel for all the senses to activate. This enables you to be more aware of why you are here at this very special time..and remembering what your work is.

Always raising the standards on beautiful Gaia and her kingdoms, she deserves the very supreme best.

You can also find me on~




Society of mediums and psychics.

Silent Voices 


I am also building up a new angel website~