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Other articles I have written you will find on the following websites. Guest Article- Spirit Children issue-July 2011


The Star Children...Star People... Star Seeds.

©Author Doreen Renphrey

Already there are the celestial star people here on Terra Gaia, some have been here quite a long time. Others are coming through-rebirthing to help this beautiful planet earth who is in much need.

Of course I mean genuine star children/star people, who have an ancient history and authentic pedigree of coming from other planets. There many people out there at this time that will tell you they are star people but in fact are not. They think if they say that they are, then that makes them so, it does not. In this article I shall give you a description of characters, personality and traits of the genuine, authentic, pedigree star children/star people/star seeds.

They have the greatest respect for Terra Gaia and her kingdoms, their love is immense. They love nature..natural nature, the animals/pets kingdoms, quartz crystals, minerals, metals, corals, trees, plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, nuts, herbs, water, suns, moons, stars, galaxies, universes etc.

They are natural teachers..they will not charge you a penny to teach you. They are very high source with very high standards.

They are strict vegans and animals/pets rights and welfare. They would not eat or harm the animals/pets. They would never trade them or their substances and are horrified about people that do so. They will get organic when ever they can, they know the difference, and they know it is better for them. 

They are strict environmentalists, would never cut a tree or flower. Never buying cut flowers, never to take the life of a flower or tree. To do so is bad enough to trade them is even worse. They understand life and living.

They will do all they can to help the planet and kingdoms, they find the stamina to do so. Even in times when they are not feeling well they carry on with their work. They will try one way and go to the effort to make it

work in many ways. Always making surethere are no loop holes so that it does work.

They are extremely sensitive, I call it super sensitive and they are very knowing. They automatically know. Do not try to deceive a star child/people/star seeds they know before you do that you would try to deceive them. They never abuse their abilities nor tolerate people that would try to abuse, use or try to abuse others. 

People often think that star children/people/seeds spend a lot of their timewithout other physical people about. This may lead them t think they are either lonely or on their own. This is not the case, they always have many with them, spirits, souls, elementals,angels, elementals, the planets and kingdoms, crystals, minerals, corals, metals, suns, stars, moons etc. 

They are always busy even doing many things at the same time, their minds are active and they work in mind a lot of the time. They usually

regenerate themselves whilst working....never wasting time.

They are not the sort of people that will imply that people have free will do do as they want. They will say try telling that to the judge when you are arrested, because the judge would never tolerate it. This is why there is a law system, there are of course many universal laws in the galaxies that are indeed for real.That it is only a learning curve to commit offences, they will tell you that only the lowest evolved would cause pain and suffering. That you only learn by being good people, and doing good things. That way one advances and progresses in their evolution. That if people commit the offences then they are in karmic debt and retrograde and that can take many lives to be rectified.

The genuine star children/people/star seeds are very nice people, very caring with large hearts and if they choose to be a friend to you, you will know they are real friends.

So watch out for these wonderful people they are very special, if they should get you on your right path they have proven to be a real friend.

Celestial Blessings

©Author Doreen Renphrey