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lotus flame​

spiritual guru

celestial teachings

also online animals/pets healing sanctuary.

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Celestial starlight

animal communicator.

Animals are very receptive to high quality healing of the purist form. Some have, over the centuries endured being used, abused by the human population, which may have occurred in past life or present life. In todays environment there are many, pollutants, diseases, environmental factors including noise, electricity, families that are dysfunctional, emotional problems in the home etc.

Therefore, the animals need to be healed and some much more than others. A genuine animal healer will not charge a fee for this, and will be more than happy to give the animal healing. I do charge a fee for my animal healing mists of £5 plus p&p due to the cost entailed, but if you are local or passing by ring for an appointment and I can arrange a concession as there will be no p&p.

The aura mist will penetrate the aura and will be directed to any malfunctions/illness that the animal may be experiencing, working on all levels. Remember that the animal may have past life trauma/miasms as well as everyday environmental/domestic problems.

Hands on or distance healing, I individually tailor each healing system for each animal/pet depending on their condition, their environment and any traumas that any of their parts may have suffered in a past life as well as present life. I work meticulously in soul retrieval and rescuing their parts/fragments.

Healing list for the animals/pets.

I have a healing list to heal the animals/pets so send in your information and name of the animals/pet, wildlife, domestic, livestock, sea creatures, insects, reptiles, primates, mammals, amphibians, poultry, waterfowl, wildfowl. All are welcome. They are always welcome in my healing temples/sanctuary to go my healing list to receive healing.