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lotus flame​

spiritual guru

celestial teachings

also online animals/pets healing sanctuary.

spiritual art and design

©Celestial Crystal Stargate

©The Celestial Avatar Crystal Goddess

AllCopyrights©AuthorDoreen Renphrey

At this time on Terra Gaia communication or channelling is important. With the energy frequencies speeding up and the kingdoms anatomy and physiology advancing in development, the Celestial Avatar crystal Goddess teachings of crystals working with the planet and kingdoms.

Remember that the crystals and minerals have seeded, grew, developed and their families multiplied on the planet. Growing with the planet and kingdoms each working and resonating together.The kingdoms relying on each other, working with nature that has over the eons of the planet earths existence that has bloomed into such beauty. Sad to say that there is much healing and repair that the planet and kingdoms desperately need due to the devastation that people have cased and committed. It is not helpful that the crystals and minerals are hacked out of the planet by heavy machinery, drilling deep mines into the planets anatomy and physioloy. The natural healing of the crystals and minerals are much needed through the planet and kingdoms.

The Celestial Avatar Crystal Goddess teachings are highly enlightening, the highest source, and highly ascended teachings. Always working in divine light and love with the greatest compassion. Working on this path not only helps the planet and kingdoms but will help you on your own spiritual path~helping you in your awareness and finding that rainbow spiritual warrior within you.

Celestial Crystal Blessings

All copyrights©Author Doreen Renphrey

Angel Clear Quartz

Angel Clear Quartz ~is a healing stone, an all rounder which balances, helps with clarity, focus, amplifies energies, removes negativity and brings in the light.

This is a wonderful companion to carry with you which will keep you in the light and diminish any negative energies that are in your environment. It will help you have a higher self esteem in those situations when it is most needed. Your home and garden environment will benefit from the clear quartz also. If you have any animals/pets this stone makes a wonderful companion for them also. The animals/pets love the crystal kingdoms they are very much at home with them. Nature in its true natural form the animals/pets are very old souls and will have been with the crystal kingdoms for eons.

Angelic crystal blessings

All copyrights © owned by author Doreen Renphrey