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lotus flame​

spiritual guru

celestial teachings

also online animals/pets healing sanctuary.

spiritual art and design

©Celestial Dragon Stargate

 ©The Celestial Avatar Dragon Goddess

All Copyrights ©Author Doreen Renphrey

Celestial Avatar Dragons


Celestial Avatar Dragons Inspirations of Transformation

Dragons are very ancient, very old souls, highly spiritual and extremely highly evolved and ascended. The dragons are equisitely beautiful and come through in the most beautiful pastel colours as well as metalics. They are very caring for the earth planet Terra Gaia and her kingdoms. Highly intelligent, wise and hold on to their secrets they do not tolerate people that would tresspass their information. They do not like injustices and have seen many injustices that people have committed and caused. They know the truth and love the truth, are strong but can be very gentle when they want to. They can transform the flame of fire into a flame of divine love.

When you know the dragons you will understand why they are avatar dragons.


Responsible Avatar Dragons

Looking down upon Terra Gaia from high up in heaven across a beautiful blue sky was Stardius the neon electric blue dragon. She had built her nest in the shape of a huge magnificant love heart. This shape was of course automatically structured and formed due to her genuine divine love. She had of course just had her babes and would need to take care of her young, precious as they are. She had spent eons waiting for the right time to produce more dragons as the energies had to be perfect for herself and her young. Now was the time, her babes would have a good start and an excellent mother and father to guide guard, protect, teach and love them.

Let your teaching be of the responsibility we have to our children~the better we care for them and about them the more they will succeed and advance in life. The preparation pre birth and post birth is essential. These baby dragons have an excellent start and when they ready to reproduce their love heart shaped nests will automatically be structured and formed.  

Celestial blessings

All copyrights © Doreen Renphrey


Fearless Avatar Dragons

Avatar dragons with your neon electric fire with flames that can reach to afar.

Let me journey with you amongst the celestial stars.

Your worlds are exquisite built throughout millions of years,

Always advancing and progressing, journeying without fear.

All Copyrights ©Author Doreen Renphrey