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lotus flame​

spiritual guru

celestial teachings

also online animals/pets healing sanctuary.

spiritual art and design



               spiritual art and design

meditation accessories.

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For your comfort and warmth during meditation, yoga, therapy or just me time. They make ideal gifts which are very much appreciated.

Made of 100% cotton and washable at 30% in a gentle washing solution. Iron on the reverse side of art work.

Enjoy my lotus flame site, please look in again for more designs and for more meditation wraps, altar cloths, children sets and pet/animal covers, nursing wraps for the elderly or those hospitalised/convalescing in need of TLC.

As well as for personal use, meditation and sacred spaces they are ideal gifts for someone in the healing arts, or needing healing/therapy, needing TLC, someone who is into meditation, energy/transition work, when someone is ill/hospitalised/in nursing homes. I am in the process designing a new range, and of course with blessings.

The meditation wraps are a nice size and will cover a treatment couch. They are long enough to wrap around you and keep you warm whilst meditating, or just snuggle up for some ME time, lay over you when you go to bed for spiritual dreams. A white background for purity and white keeps the channels clear to make your meditation more focused. They can be used for nursing mothers at feed time, for sacred privacy, keeping the sacred space pure. They also make ideal gifts to someone who is hospitalised/convalescing. The children also love to snuggle up with them wrapped around them as well as meditating with them.


Cost of the altar cloths, meditation wraps and chakra therapy covers : £30. to £40 The childrens meditation wraps/altar cloths cost £20. plus p&p £3.

Meditation aura mist £8.

Healing the animals aura mist £5.

as with other products p&p applies.

click on image to enlarge.

All products/designs ©copyrights Doreen Renphrey.

Meditation wrap 112

Merkaba ascension star

Meditation wrap 114

Om and lotus

Meditation wrap

7 chakra wrap/sheet 116

Kundalini sheet/ wrap 117

Meditation wrap

Lotus wheel and lotus 114

Meditation wrap 115

9 chakra sheet/wrap

Meditation wrap 111

Om symbol and lotus 

Meditation wrap

Om symbol and lotus 114

Meditation wrap

Childs meditation wrap 110

Lotus symbol and lotus 

Meditation wrap 109

Om symbol and lotus