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Metaphysical qualities of crystals

The crystal and mineral kingdoms are millions of years old, as the planets were being formed so were the crystals and minerals giving birth. Their evolution has been very intricate with each family growing with a variety of substances and metals. Their colouring and properties has been affected by this and therefore their metaphysical qualities will vary from one crystal/mineral to another, including which area of the planet they form and grow and at what temperature.

The ancients were very aware of their metaphysical properties and worked with them in a variety of ways. They were used for protection in breast plates, swords, shields amulets, carried in small pouches, worn around their necks in pendants, necklaces, worn as rings, brooches and earings. They would be placed in their homes and in their bedding. The healing properties were known and some would be grounded down to a powder and orally taken as a tincture/elixir, or pasted on to a wound as a poultice. This is not recommended as some of the crystals and minerals are poisonous. They were also grounded down and used in art work, and for adorning and decorating the Egyptian royalty masks, furniture and tombs.

Today we work with them in a more metaphysical vibrational energy way which is very effective. 

The crystals are multidimensional and work on all levels whether it is healing, energy, ascension, planetary, protection, cleansing work.

Note that the conclusion of the crystals and minerals metaphysical properties/qualities are decided by intuitive, communication, metaphysical methods. These are then tested on practical case studies and the results of these is the deciding factor. Taking into account that results of treatment/healing are unique to each individual.

There are still new crystals being discovered and a lot are in the classification of higher conscious stones, they are extremely highly evolved and very much awake.