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Meditation for Well Being.

How it can help improve well being and life.

Body harmonics.

Meditations are a must.

Meditation has been practised for centuries/eons, of course the asian countries have always known, practised and benefitted by regular meditations. Meditations can do so much, upliftment, awareness, enlightenment, healing, ascension,focused intentions, cleansing the auric field, strengthening the defence system, which includes the immune, antibody systems. Helps to cleanse and detox all the systems which in turn helps to generate and regenerate the cells. The rust and debris fall away, you become more energised more revitalised, inflated and not deflated. You feel better you are lighter, you have higher self esteem, self worth and more confidence.

Helps you see more clearly where you are and where you are going on your life path and your spiritual path. Makes you more aware of decisions that you have a choice of and making sense of those decisions helping you make the right decision.

There is less stress as there is more control over the emotions, less anger, less irritability and a more controlled calmness through crisis, enabling the rationale to activate helping you to resolve issues. There is a more matured patience when irritability presents itself giving you the space to be in control of the situation...being positive and not letting negativity get through.

Meditation helps you to align to your mind, body, soul, spirit, higher self, making yourself whole. All your spiritual mechanisms are then able to spark up, revitalising you, giving you a boost on your spiritual path, enabling you to see where you are going with clearer comprehension of any obstacles that you have come across and those that might be on your path. A step forward in the right direction, helping you to be more aware of which direction to go.