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Celestial Diet and NutritionClick Here to Add a Title

All copyrights © Author Doreen Renphrey.

Authoring a book~coming soon

I am qualified in diet and nutrition and have advanced to work very much in the diet and nutrition needed for the body, anatomy and physiology in multidimensional levels, which includes the mind, body, soul and spirit. I also work with the difference frequencies of the energies from the food consumed and the frequencies from the energies that the food has transformed into



At this time of many going through the transformation process, you may find that your diet is not suiting you any more. You may have symptoms of your body not feeling well or your body actually rejecting the food you ate.This is understandable and a genuine symptom of your body want to progress. Your body wants to be clean inside as well as outside, it has had many years of having a diet that is not suitable. Look for those symptoms~they can be a blessing by warning you of the changes neccessary. Tke heed of what your body in saying~be good to your body~ do not be in conflict with it.


For a good, strong, healthy body, the seeds have to be good, the growth needs to be fed with healthy ingredients, nourished well. Only then will it bud, blossom and fruit. The harvest enables a long healthy life.


Ingredients should always be fresh and organic where possible, no pesticides, no chemicals no GMO. Just naturally grown wholesome fruit, nuts, vegetables, herbs, seeds. All totally vegan. To eat animals or their substances is ethically, spiritually and morally wrong, it is against Gods will and against the animals will and your own body.

In the early stages your body tells you that the animal substances are not good for you by making you feel bloated, unwell, nauseous, giving you pain, causing diahorrea, vomiting. Later your body will get a variety of illnesses, dis-ease, this is when the body systems have been trying to fight off all the imbalances and the systems start to have a dysfunctional effect. Later on the body is so overloaded with the toxins, poisons, emotional trauma from the dead animals flesh that the body cannot cope and the malfunctions cause diseases.